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I kinda haven’t stopped crying yet, I know I shouldn’t be sad but when you have such influential people leaving you… It’s bittersweet and that’s the only way I could describe it. The news I learned today evoked many feelings within me that I myself was shocked to have felt. Jay was one of the first reasons I felt at home at @elementschurch because of his music and in a short time his beautiful wife @cabassa_sarah helped me change my life! These two have no idea the weight they hold in my life and how helpful they have been during my walk though we didn’t communicate often. This stuff isn’t easy, things aren’t always all good but today they reminded me that God is love.. He is the way and he will guide you through any obstacle… You simply have to be obedient. They reminded me not to rely on myself and also not to be so hard on myself… God has me, he has always had me and as long as I’m willing to allow him to take care of me.. He always will. I wish the Cabassa family nothing but the best and pray that they keep God first because he will handle the rest! #elementsbx #GodBless

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